Local Institution funding of the malian culture

About US

Presentation of the Maaya Fund

The Maaya Fund is a Malian culture financing organization, of a social nature based on the values of sharing and solidarity (Maaya). Its aim is to support cultural organizations, artists and cultural actors in Mali by providing them with credits, subsidies and solidarity funds, in order to promote artistic creation, social assistance and the structuring of the Malian cultural sector.  

The creation of the Maaya Fund results from one of the strong resolutions of the program «an action and a vision to build the future », resulting from the recommendations of the Seminar of Cultural Actors of Mali for the Relaunch of Cultural Activities, organized by the KYA Network in May 2012 in Ségou under the leadership of its founding President – Mamou Daffé, to relaunch cultural action following the multifaceted crises that Mali experienced at that time. The Maaya Fund was initiated by the KYA Network, with the financial support of the DOEN foundation From the Netherlands.

Also, one of the motivations for the creation of the fund is that the Malian cultural sector generally encounters financing problems for the realization of cultural projects and initiatives. Traditional banks offer few prospects and their conditions are very complex. Thus, it was very difficult to find appropriate structures capable of supporting local cultural initiatives. 

The Maaya Fund was set up to relaunch cultural action and position itself as a credible institution for financing local cultural initiatives, with a view to making Mali a center of cultural excellence with quality cultural actors, artists strong, secure, feeling supported and successful cultural organizations, within a structured and supportive cultural environment.

Our missions

The Maaya Fund's mission is to support the Malian cultural sector, by providing organizations, artists and cultural actors with credits, subsidies and a solidarity fund to support cultural action, facilitate artistic creation and further structure the sector.

The goal is, in addition to financing Malian culture, to:

Fill the lack of local cultural financing institutions in Mali;

Support organizations, artists and cultural actors in Mali through credits, subsidies and solidarity support;

Improve the living and working conditions of artists and cultural actors;

Promote innovation and creativity;

Further structure the Malian cultural sector.

We are committed to always researching and implementing adequate and innovative strategies to support arts and culture in Mali.

Our vision

The vision of the Maaya Fund is to support the Malian cultural sector through innovative financing mechanisms adapted to the Malian context, and to position itself as a credible local cultural financing institution, a cultural bank by 2030.

This vision is reflected in the strong and unwavering desire to promote the Malian cultural sector, through:

The Maaya;

Solidarity ;

The sharing ;

Mutual aid;


These values are expressed through the different products and services that we offer, which are all products of a social nature which materialize in practice through the values of Maaya, an essential quality for human beings in Malian society, which advocate solidarity, sharing, mutual aid, respect for others.