Local Institution funding of the malian culture


What is it about ?

A cultural support fund

The support fund for structuring cultural organizations is a form of grant.

It concerns the well-developed projects of artists, cultural centers, art centers and all stakeholders in the Malian cultural sector and is intended for the structuring of cultural organizations (Cultural Support Fund). 

It is a product that supports the creation, structuring and development of cultural organizations. It finances innovative cultural projects with social, environmental and educational goals.

What are the objectives of the support fund for the structuration of cultural organizations

The objectives of the fund to support the structuring of cultural organizations in Mali are :

Help already functional cultural organizations to become more structured;

Support cultural organizations for their daily operations;

Support cultural projects with high social value;

Helping the sustainability of cultural organizations.

How does the cultural support fund work?

Calls for applications

Candidates apply for a call for proposals and the best applications selected by an independent jury are funded.

The expected and obtained results?

Each year more than 35 cultural organizations / cultural projects are subsidized and further structured;

Each year more than 35 cultural organizations are supported for their daily operations;

Cultural projects with high social value are supported.

Support for the sustainability of cultural organizations is thus promoted.