Local Institution funding of the malian culture


What is it about ?

Support from the Maaya Fund

This is a refundable loan to artists and cultural actors in Mali. The creation aid fund for Malian artists thus aims to support cultural initiatives by facilitating access to interest-free financing over a period of 9 months.

Loan collateral may be works of art.

What are the objectives of the artistic creation support fund?

Help artists and cultural actors by promoting artistic creation;

Improve their working conditions by providing them with a subsidy;

Establish a support and credit fund;

Encourage creativity through innovative projects.

How does the aid fund work?

Calls for applications

Candidates apply for a call for proposals and the best applications selected by an independent jury benefit from a refundable loan.

The expected and obtained results of the artistic creation assistance fund?

Each year the working conditions of artists/cultural actors are improved for more than 15 artists and cultural actors;

Artistic and cultural creation is stimulated through credits granted to more than 15 artists and cultural actors each year;

Creativity is encouraged through innovative projects.