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Souleymane OUOLOGUEM

Souleymane OUOLOGUEM

Head of Public Relations and Fundraising


Souleymane Ouologuem is a painter who graduated from the National Institute of Arts in Bamako (I.N.A) in June 2001, Plastic Arts section. Ouologuem launched in the Multimedia section at the Conservatory  of Arts of Bamako in 2005 which places him even better in his time. 

In July 2010, he obtained his Specialized Higher Study Diploma. Founder of Anw-Ko’Art for the promotion of visual arts, Ouologuem focuses his work on his Dogon origins, rites, traditions, cosmogony, architecture. He paints the Dogon world which, for him, is a way of bearing witness to his presence.

Beyond Mali, Ouologuem has exhibited in several countries: France, Germany, England, Belgium, China, America, Spain, Venezuela, Ghana, Martinique, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Angola… Ouologuem lives and works in Bamako.