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Head of Communications


Gabdo OUATTARA is a Communicator-Journalist with a master's degree in communication for sustainable development and citizenship from the Catholic University of West Africa (UCAO).

With solid training in the field of digital communication and digital technology, Gabdo has participated in numerous cultural projects in Mali as senior project manager, digital manager, and communications consultant, particularly in the context of Malian cultural activities. .

In addition to her academic qualifications and training, Gabdo is a committed child rights activist and strives to promote the empowerment of rural women. Passionate about the world of cinema, Gabdo directed two short films focused on the education and schooling of children, with the support of the Yali Film Fellowship program in collaboration with AccountabilityLab Mali and the United States Embassy. She remains convinced that cinema is a powerful means of communication to inform and raise awareness.

Since a young age, Gabdo has harbored a deep affection for Malian culture, which is evident through his active participation in cultural events and his interest in traditional Malian fashion.